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Areas of Emphasis
Joe Abraham

Lilly Bridwell-Bowles
CxC, Fem Rhet, Digital Media

Jim Catano
Rhetoric of Film

Michael Hegarty
RWC Coordinator, Linguistics

Jenell Johnson
Rhet of Sci/Med, Rhet Theory

Cara Jones
Graduate Student in RWC

Laura E. Jones
Graduate Student in RWC

Sarah Liggett
CxC, Writing Center

Pat McGee
Theory & Culture

Anna Nardo
English, Department Chair

Lisi Oliver
OE, History of Language

Solimar Otera

Irvin Peckham
Composition Studies

Malcolm Richardson
History of Rhetoric

David J. Riche
Graduate Student in RWC

Brooke Rollins
Classical Rhetoric, Modern Rhetoric, Critical Theory

Kristin D. Sanders
Graduate Student in RWC

Carolyn Ware

Sue Weinstein
Literacy Studies, English Education

Michelle Zerba
Classical Rhetoric