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Language Preservation/World English, etc.
Becky Howard's Bibliography
More on world English: Jennifer Jenkins', World Englishes: A Resource Book for Students
(Routledge). Also, the Open University textbook series on English
language is pretty interesting, esp David Graddol, David Leith, and
Joan Swann's English: Diversity, History, Change (also Routledge).
--Susanmarie Harrington, VT

More on World English: Braj B. Kachru (Ed.), The other tongue: English across

English Next, David Graddol

"The Interpreter," New Yorker article on languages and cognition; Chomsky vs. culture
[[file:"The Interpreter" on language theory.pdf]]
Noam Chomsky, New Horizons in the Study of Language, 2000. Chapter 1.

Anthony, David. Shards of Speech. The Sciences, Jan./Feb. 1996.

Siobhan Chapman. Thinking about Language: Theories of English, 2006. Contents.

Benjamin Lee Whorf, Science and Linguistics. From Language, Thought & Reality.

Ferdinand de Saussure. Course in General Linguistics, selections.